There is now a github page with the python source on it!

uprMash Download:

This tool is only tested on winxp so far, it is actually a python script converted using py2exe though so could conceivably be ported to any platform. If you want to do that send me an email to discuss.

Zip Archive

Here is the zip archive:

Download this file and unpack it. To start uprMash run the executable file: 'uprMash.exe'.

Bleeding Edge Version:

The version here is fairly WIP than the above and may be a bit unstable, but it may also contain a feature that you've asked for ;D


  • Added initial smooth animation interpolation mode
  • Heaps of GUI improvements and cleanups.
  • Added 'interleave mode' to generate layers like 'abcabcabc' rather than 'aaabbbccc'
  • Added output frame range mode so that less (or more) frames of anim can be generated in the output (use shutter offset to select which frame if output on frame 1 is desired).
  • Fixes to make groups work better with interleaved mode
    • Mainly setting the opacity ramp when a group is animated (you need to animate the layer mode with 2 keys to get that working)
    • Also inheriting the existing group opacity was slightly tricky.
  • Couple small bug fixes - trying to get integer interpolation working a bit better
  • Some simple code cleanup - lots more needed
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